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Employee tracking software is a powerful tool that is used to monitor the employees to ensure that they are following the best practices when it comes to work-related tasks, security or when they have access to sensitive company data. This is one of the best tools when you have to check the productivity of your employee. Let's say, for example, you might be concerned that your employees are spending more time on the internet watching restricted or illegal content, thus wasting a lot of precious time which must be used to perform office work. Sometimes, it even happens that because of these privileges employees take a disadvantage and a project which was supposed to be completed within a specific time takes a long duration to get completed. Because of this a lot of company are using employee monitoring software to track the productivity of employees.

3 things you will accomplish when you install this software at your organization

You will be able to see almost all the activities of employees including task performance, internet usage, email & social media usage, etc.

The report which is generated helps you in the decision-making process. You can determine how much team size do you actual need, the process of work and the salaries structure.

You can actually determine the work of the employee rather than having a guesswork.

A survey was done in the US, which showed why employee tracking software was necessary for an organization. Employees visiting non-related websites every day percentage was 64. Out of this 64 %, the bifurcation was that 39% of people spent one hour or less, 29% spent 2 hours, 21% spent 5 hours and 3% spent 10 hours or more. 85% of the employees use the organization's mail id for their personal purpose. The strange part is 92% of stock trading takes place during the workday. A lot of employees admitted that trading personal stocks at work is only possible as it was the only time they could do it.

Types of employee tracking software

Employee tracking software mainly comes in three different aspects.

Productivity suite – Due to advance analytics and reporting organization can easily find out which employee is performing the best and which one is not. You can easily identify the sources for the lack of work delivery from the employees thus addressing their issues positively.

Surveillance tool – If you are worried about the data security issues, loss in assets or even productivity issues this option is best for you. With this, you can track the documents, emails, etc. You can also block access to certain files or websites.

Project supervision – This option is mainly used if you want to supervise any specific task given to employees. There are various projects ongoing in an organization. To monitor each activity differently project supervision option comes very handily.

Benefits of having an employee tracking software

  • You can easily find out what your team members are currently working on. You can inform them to prioritize their task based on the urgency like focusing first on high priority task and then on low priority task.
  • If you have offices globally than employee tracking software works best in this case. For example, when you teams are scattered across various time zones you can align all their work and monitor the same.
  • When your secured data is being used by multiple people you need to take utmost care for the same. Employee monitoring software is very essential in such cases.
  • Employee sticks to the best practices and does only what they are paid for in the company.
  • When you monitor your employee with this software it becomes very easy to identify the productivity of the employee and based on that you can decide the pay structure for them.

Features of employee tracking software.

The main feature of employee tracking software is the attendance logging and logging out data.

The task management feature helps to identify who is working on what. Especially when you have offices located in multiple places, these features give you the best advantage.

The productivity evaluation tool helps to identify if the performance of the employee is dipped or gone up. Based on that you can decide whether you have to give them a promotion or take other necessary actions.

The location tracking feature of this software is very useful when pickup and delivery of company goods are concerned. The GPS functions track the whereabouts of the employee.

When your company is dealing with sensitive data the alerts feature plays the most important role. With this feature, you never go uninformed whenever there is data breach in your organization.

Factors to consider before buying employee tracking software

If data security is not a major concern then you should not put the security feature as your first priority. Rather, you must focus on productivity or project management suite. The whole idea is to identify the issues that need to be addressed first and to be resolved in a much effective manner. You surely do not want to pay for the features that you won't use the most.

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